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[top right corner] 110
Regina v Gwilliam [Gwillam]
Lewis Lloyd
- I am an Engineer at
Mr Cords' Factory in Newport -
I know the Prisoner Gwillam
On Sunday the 3d Novr instant
^ I was out at the Kevan [Cefn] - about three
Miles from Newport dining there -
I returned home at 7 o'Clock in
the Evening - in company with
Brittan Francis - on Wednesday
the 30th October - Prisr came to my
House about 10 o'Clock - I was going
to bed - I heard a Knock at the someone opening the door
door I came down Stairs to see what was the matter when I
opened the door I found Prisoner
About this time I heard
Some one opening the door - the
door had been merely closed and
a chair put against it - I
was in the habit of doing this -
I let out a part only occupy an
apartment in the House - Thomas
was out and the door was
fastened in this way to enable him to
come in without disturbing others
in the House - Thomas Williams
came to the bottom of the stairs and
said "Lloyd, come down stairs, I
want you - I said "What do
you want" - He said "Come
down for a bit - I want you" -
I went down Stairs - I saw Thomas
and Gwillam the Prisoner
there - in Thomas Williams Apartment



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