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I said to Gwillam what do you want?
He said "Sit down by my side a bit"
I sat down - he said "I am come
here on purpose to give you Some
information of what you must
do tomorrow"- I asked him what
it was He said - that he had heard
that night from good authority that
there was likely to be a break out
amongst the chartists or that
the Chartists were going to rise or
some thing to that effect. I
asked him who had told him -
He refused to tell me - But said
you may depend upon it that it
is the Case - I want you to go to the
presiding Officers of our Lodge - and
to be sure and get them to meet
together and to draw the Money
out of the Bank to morrow - I
asked him the reason for doing this -
He said he would tell me another
time - but I might rest satisfied
there would be a break out -
and that were we were in danger
of losing our Money at the Bank
so he would advise us by all means
to get it out - and to do my best
to get it to morrow - I told him I
would acquaint all the officers
the first thing tomorrow -
I lef[t] the Prisoner & Williams [Tho. Williams]together
and went to bed - on the following Morning
I went to the Landlord of the House
where the Lodge is held and informed
him what I had heard and



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