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told him to inform the Secretary - and to
meet you me and the other officers with
the key of the Box - I also told the
other two presiding officers - I don't rem. .
remember any conversation with Prisoner
and [T.]Williams about the robbing the banks
or taking the arms from the poor
House nor any thing but what I have
already stated - I have seen Williams
making bullets - I said halloa what are
you after - this was before the Riots -
I can't tell the day - I think it was
about a week before the Riots- I
also saw the moulds in which he made
them - He made one at a time - I
I know Williams was a Chartist - I
I do not recollect seeing Williams show
the bullets to Prisoner -
Williams had a bul pike in his possession -
I do not recollect his Showing the pike
to Prisoner - When In I went
to the Bush on the Thursday night after the
conversation with Prisoner - I saw
Prisr. there - He was a Member of the
Society -I called upon said to Prisr. that I had
not had convened the meeting in
pursuance of what he had stated to
me and that he should then inform
me and that he should then inform
them what he thought proper about
it and his reasons for wanting to
draw the Money out of the Bank.
Prisoner said that his only reason was that he
had heard that all the Clubs in the dr Town
were going to draw their Money out of the
Banks because few they were weak and likely to break - Prisoner made this Statement



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