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xd Rega v Gwillam [Gwilliam]
Evidence of Lewis Lloyd
[Those three lines vertically in the left margin]
547 [Vertically at the right edge of the page]

to me at the time I have before stated -
on the Wednesday night - he was
stricktly questioned as to whether he had
any other reasons - He persisted in
saying that he had not- I
again Saw Prisoner on Saturday
night but had no conversation
with him - and did not see
him again until the Evening of
Monday the fourth November
instant between five and Six
o'Clock - I called upon him at
his own house - I asked where
he had been - he said that he had
gone out of the way on the last
night because he was afraid he
he should be took - He said he
had been out all night in the
Woods out of the way of the Chartists.
I didn't stay at his house long
I again saw Prisoner on Saturday Sunday
the 16 17 th November instant - I
saw him in his own House -
went to see him - I asked him
where he had been - He said he
had been looking for work as the
Dock was stopped -
Lewis Lloyd



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