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Prisoners 26th November 1839

[Arranged in two columns, with
right hand column headed: "Witnesses"]

[Left:]1 David Parry 2 Harry Harris
[Right:] Israel Furmen
[Left:] 3John Harford 4James Williams 5John Hemmings 6John Williams
7 Abraham Lewis }
[Left:] 8William Williams (Sedition)
[Right:] Israel Furmen
9 William Smith (Sedition) 10 Lewis Ran Rowland 11 Robert Alexander - 12 John Morgan 13 Thomas Morgan 14 David Edwards [Right, under "Witnesses":] Israel Furmen
15 John Batten Junr
[Right:]] Israel Furmen
[Left:] 16 Griffiths Evans 17 John Fisher 18 George Cooper 19 James Rawlings 20 Aaron Harlor
[Left:] 21 John Lewis 22 James Nall
[Right:] Edward Harris John Pollock, Dd Evans
[Left:] 23 John Shilton Discharged 24 Henry Bailie
[Right:] James Howard Wm Wm Adam Young
24 Henry Bailie 25 Edwd Davis 26 Joseph Coles 27. Job Harris 28 Evan Jones
29 Saml Beecher
30 John Gwyllim -- Discharged
31 Wm Davis
32 Edwd Tippins

["Rioting" is written vertically across the entries 3 - 7]

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