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[Left column:] xBenjamin Richards on Colliers Arms Abercarne James Jones o Richard Jones } Sawyers Do
[Right column:]William Harris x William Lewis's Wife Daniel Lewis o Thomas Jones o John Davies

[Left colum:] x John Morgan Wounded man
[Right column:]Richard Lewis Hannah Morgan Wm Jones

[Left column:] John Frost - - -
[Right column:] John Morgan (wounded man x see his confession to Richard Lewis - Wm Harris - - David Jones, Pontypool B. Brough - Thos Watkins

[Left column:]Jack Fifer Man in Blanket Coat o - Man in checqued Coat q Edmund Edmunds - (bag)
[Right column:] Thomas Pritchard o John Davies Blaina (Zephaniah) Samuel Smith James Coles alias Farmer Edmund Thomas

[Left column:] Edward Davis
[Right column:] Henry Chapple James Mooney

[Left column:] David Jenkin
[Right column:] Israel Furmen

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