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[Vertical note written in left hand margin:- Vol 17]

David the Tinker
Samuel Etheridge
William John Llewellin, Job Harris, Joseph Caules
Thomas Edwards
The same
Frost & others
Cha[rle]s Walters
John Batten, W. J. Llewellin, Job Harris, Jos[ep]h Maule
Thomas Edwards

Qr Jones, Qr Edwards
Z[ephaniah] Williams & Jones
David the Tinker
W[illia]m Jones (Watchmaker)
W[illia]m Jones & Frost
taking firearms
William Jones No.2
Z[ephaniah] Williams

Jack the Fifer
Jack the Fifer

Z. Williams & Isaac Tippins
Zephaniah Williams, David the Tinker



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