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Solomon Britan

1. John Holman Evans - 1 Service of Copy Indictment & [*] Jury list upon Prisoner [*]Jury list of Witnesses

2. Ellis Flanders - 2 Enquiry at the Poor House by Prisr as to Prisoners in Custody & his apprehension.

3 David Jones - { 3 Saw Prisr at Pontypool with mob on the night of Sunday before the Riots. Searched / his Pockets founds Pistols had not time to apprehend prisoner consequence / of a mob coming down.

4. Thomas Morgan -

5. Edward Miles - 5 Saw Prisoner near the Westgate mo-g of Riots running up / Stow Hill imme-y after the firing.

6 Moses Scard - 6 Saw Prisr in a House on Stow Hill after the firing.

7 William Watkins (Mr Crofts Servant) - { 7 Being pressed by mob saw Prisr amongst them Prisr gave orders and led the
Mob towards Newport Declarations of the Mob in the presence of the / Prisoner.

8 Samuel Morgan -



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