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John Lovell

Thomas Dyer - Saw Prisoner with a Gun go down Stow Hill towards the Westgate on the day/ of the Riots he said fall in fall in.

Henry Evans - Saw Prisr. come at the head of the Mob to the front of the Westgate Heard Lovell speak to the/ Mob when they began firing

Daniel Evans - Saw Prisr. come at the Head of the Mob in front of the Westgate & say to the mob "In my men"/ they attacked the Westgate & fired.

Thomas Hopkins - Saw Lovell wounded during the firing opposite the Westgate

Francis Morgan - Saw Prisr. at Court-y-bella Machine armed & his Decl-on to her about the Chartists

George Maule - Service of Copy Indictment & lists of Witnesses.

Matthew Pembro - Saw Prisr. with a Gun going towards the Westgate with the Mob He sd fall in fall in.

W. P. Powell - Surgeon dressed wound of the Prisoner.

Susan Stephens - Woman to whose House Prisr. went after being wounded

Edmund Williams - Saw Prisr. coming in from the W'loo with a Gun with the Mob on the Monday Mor-g saw him/ in front of the the Westgate

William Jenkins
David Neck - Saw Prisr. in front of the Westgate the day of the Riots

Francis Morgan[*]

[line breaks have been indicated by / in the above ]

[* see above entry - Frances Morgan possibly intended ??-]



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