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Analysis of Witnesses against Charles Walters

1. Saw a man at the Welsh Oak Monday mixing with the mob, drop
his dress, & can identify Prisoner.


3. Saw Witness during the riots at the Westgate Inn with a Gun,
searched him after he was taken & found sev[era]l arms upon him.

4. Services of copy Indictment, Jury List & 1st List of Witnesses.

5. Saw Prisoner at the Westgate Inn with a Gun.

6. Apprehended Prisoner at Partridges' House.

7. -

8. Apprehended Prisoner.

9. This Witness does not any evidence against the Prisoner.

10. Service of List of Witnesses.

11. leave a blank for 11.

12. Was with the mob at the Westgate but did not see the Prisoner.

13. Saw Walters Prisoner after the firing running with others across Witnesses Garden.

14. leave 14 blank
Prisoner came into her father's into (Partridges) House on the Monday Evening.




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