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[Guard paper]
Page 53
No 252


[in pencil]
{ As to meeting Williams returning
from Newport - As to seeing Hodge at
1/2 p- 8 at Risca returning as to powder
at Crossfield & Pikes & Arms in the
and on the Road

1 Thomas Watts
2 Edmund Lloyd
3 Richard Pugh
4 Matthew Williams
5 x James Hodge
6 John Harford
7 James Woolford
8 oJohn Rees
9 James Coles
10 James Emery
11 [blank] Matthews
12 Thomas Walker (Parrot )
13 Richd Watkins
14 Thos. Latch
15 Sir Thos.Phillips
16 Henry Williams - ^ absent (x) [*]
17 Captn Gray
18 J. Box Stockdale

[*] J. B. Oliver / John O' Dwyer must be substituted

[in pencil ]
x To support Hodge John Thomas must be
called to prove that he saw Hogde Hodge
was met returning to his House at
near 10 - This contradicts Mary Jones
vide Jno Thomas - Deposition
0 - Witnesses (vide Evid-e) to support this
witness as to men passing up Comm-al [*]

[*Commercial St]

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