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Zephaniah Williams

Thomas Bowen - 1 0 Speaks to speech made by Prisr on 2nd Novr. meeting on the 3d.

1 William Sheward Cartwright - 1 Service of 2nd List of witnesses -

2 John Davies (Blaina) - 2 Attended General Meetings at Williams House - was ordered by Williams to attend one on the Mountain on the 3d armed / he said we were going to Newport.

3 William Davies - 3 Was present at Meetings with the Delegates the week before the riots organizing the plans &c for the riots

4 John Davies (Gellyhave ) - 4 Saw Williams at Welsh Oak telling the Mob to "get on".

5 Benjamin Green (In 2d list / not on time) - 5 Attended Chartist meetings at Williams' House - saw Williams go to Jones the Watchmaker the day before the riots -

6 William Howell - 6 To meetings at Williams's House - that he told them to come armed to the Mountain - saw Men with Pikes by Williams House /on Sunday - Heard Z Williams desire the people to arm themselves & meet on the Mountain . Peop Saw Men / go round Z Williams House without Pikes and come out with Pikes

7 Racheal Howell - 7 Asked Williams what the women would do for victuals till the men come back - he gave me a Chartist card for my Husband -

8 Richard Hawkins - 8 Was at Williams House on Sunday 3d Novr. which was full of men - saw him rolling up cartridges in a paper -

9 n J. Hawkins - 9 Saw Williams come through the park - & spoke to him

10 William Harris - 10 Saw Williams with Mob at Welsh Oak who spoke to Witness

11 James James - 11 To meeting at Williams's House on the Sunday & his telling them to come armed to the mountain -receiving a Chartist Card / from him

12 Benjamin James - 12 Attended meetings at Prisoners House and the mountain - Prisoner lent him a Sovereign to buy a Gun

13 John James - 13 Attended a meeting on the 31st Octr. Prisoner told them to prepare and organize themselves

14 William James - 14 To the same as the last witness

15 Lewis John Jones - 15

16 Simon Leonard - 16 Prisoner & a mob came to his house Sunday night - & Prisoner ordered the Mob in the House to go on - that the Mob stole arms &c

17 Edmund Lloyd - 17 That Frost Prisoner and Jones attended meetings at Blackwood before the riots

18 Ruth Lloyd - 18 This witness does not attend.

19 George Lloyd - 19. Attended meeting at Prisoners House on Sunday - he stated they must be at Newport by 2 o'Clock - he also said "Don't be afraid the Soldiers will not / touch you" - Saw at the Park men coming back

20 Thomas Maddock - 20 Speaks of a meeting at the back of Prisoners House the middle of Octr.

21 John Parsons - 21 Saw prisoner come in with the Mob to Newport -

22 Richard Pugh - 22 To his attending meeting at his House (Coach & Horses) the week before the riots.

23 Esther Pugh - 23 To the same effect.

24 John Phillips (Blaina) - 24 To the meeting at the Royal Oak and the Mountain - Prisoner ordered them to bring bread & cheese with them

25 Morgan Porter - 25 Saw several men armed in prisoners House on the Sunday - Saw the Chartists pay money to the Prisoner which was put down in a Book -

26 B. H. Raven - 26 Service of copy Indictment - Jury List & 1st List of Witnesses

27 Edmund/Edward Richards - 27 Attending Chartist meetings at Prisoners House - attended a meeting at the Mountain when a stranger spoke - Prisoner translated what he said into / Welsh

28 John Rogers - 28 Service of 3rd List of Witnesses.

29 B. J. Stockdale - 29 Apprehended prisoner at Cardiff.

30 Thomas Saunders - 30 Attended meeting at his House - at the Mountain -accompanied the Mob & the prisoner to Newport - This witness has absconded -

31 James Samuels- 31 Supplied a tram & Horse at Prisoners request to go to Newport -

32 Henry Smith - 32 Took the Tram down -

33 Joseph Stockdale Attended meeting at Prisoners House who told them to come to the Mountain and he would supply them with ammunition

34. Daniel Thomas - 34 As to seeing Z. Wms at Stow when mob were running away.

35 Richard Williams - 35 As to meetings

36 James Brown - 36 Generally as to the Chartist proceedings

37 John Jones -

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