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Road near my House - they were on their way
towards Newport - a great number of those on
the Tram Road were armed, some with Guns.
some with Pikes, some with reaping Hooks, some
with scythes, some with Halberts and almost -
every other description of offensive weapon -
that the morning on which the Town of -
Newport was attacked by a mob of persons -
Calling themselves Chartists. I visited the Town -
of Newport on that day and found that the
Westgate Inn in that Town had been
attacked. I witnessed the effect of the attack
on the Westgate Inn, and I saw nine dead bodies
lay lying in the Stables be belonging to and -
adjoining the Westgate Inn - I saw the Mayor
on a bed in the Westgate Inn, he had been
wounded and when I saw him his linen was -
covered with blood. I knew the Prisoner before.
I have not seen him since until today. I don't
know where he has since been -

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