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After what I have related as having passed in the
Kitchen I requested the[se] men to walk out of my
House. I took hold of one of them by the elbow to
put him out as they were going out of the door
the[y] Prisoner told me he thought I may as well
be a little civil, I told him I thought it was
he was uncivil in coming into my House in -
that way and I requested he would walk
out. He then gave his Gun to one of his -
Companions, unbuttoned his Coat, took a Pistol
out of his Waistcoat Pocket and asked me -
what I meant by talking of taking away
their blood. I told him I had not said so -
and advised him to put his Pistol back as -
two could play at that work, and that he
had better be cautious how he acted because
I knew him - he then returned his Pistol into
his pocket, took his Gun back from his -
Companion and they all then went away.
I did not know any of the Prisoners companions.
John Lewis
Thos Hawkins

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