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Phillips the then Mayor, afterwards to the -
Insp Superintendant of Police. The Superintendant
did not in my presence reduce my statement
into writing. I did not make my written information
before a Magistrate of the occurrence which had
taken place. I have not at any time made any
written information before a Magistrate of the -
occurence - this Charge is not brought -
forwards at my request- Yesterday was the first
time I received information that I would be -
b wanting to give Evidence - that was a verbal
communication by Mr Hopkins the Superintendant
of Police, he did not then tell me the charge that
was against the Prisoner, he told me so to day -
He told me the charge was riot and sedition -
I took down in writing what took place between-
me and the Prisoner because I thought it likely
that I should not be called upon to give Evidence
so soon as this. I thought it possible that I
might be called upon to give evidence of
what then took place in three of four years -
afterwards. I will undertake to swear

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