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that there were five in my kitchen. I will
undertake to swear that the Prisoner at the Bar
was amongst the number. I did not know any-
of the other persons. The prisoner had on what is
generally termed a Pilot H Coat & a low crowned
glazed Hat. I don't know what colored neck
kerchief he wore. I can't tell what colored waistcoat he wore.
I am not aware that I saw his shirt. I did not
observe the c colour of his Trousers. There were
near 1500 persons about my House at the time.
I was certainly alarmed. I was considerably
alarmed at seeing so many people. It may -
have been 2 or 3 years more or less before that time
since I had seen the Prisoner. I have not seen much
of the Prisoner since he worked for Messrs Prothero
& Powell
about 14 years ago.Several of the persons
in my kitchen at the same time with the Prisoner
had Coats of the same description on - Pilot Coats.
I don't think there is anything very particular
in the appearance of the Prisoner by which-
I can identify him. After all, I will persevere
in swearing that the Prisoner is the man -

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