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I think it was a Pilot Coat he had on but I -
won't be quite certain about that. I can't describe
any other part of his dress. I saw a great many
shots fired into the Westgate by other persons than
the Prisoner. I think I saw the first shot fired
It was from the out side. A man walked -
up to the front door and fired his Gun off.
I observed that a general firing took place on
the part of the mob on the out side before
any firing took place on the part of the -
military on the inside
. I knew the prisoner -
very well before then and I had seen him -
repeatedly, and I was sufficiently acquainted -
with his person to enable me to swear most
positively that he is the person I saw fire
in front of the Westgate and fire into the
Window. In ab less than half an hours time -
after I had seen the Prisoner I informed fire into the Window
I informed a person of my having seen him.
I made the communication to a great -
many persons and amongst others to Mr Woollett.

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