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of his dress, it was not a time to take many -
observations. I was standing close to him about
as far from him as I am now, so close to him that
I knew him perfectly well, there were persons round
me, I saw the Prisoner and I knew him very well.
a great number of persons were around me -
but I can't say whether there were any between me
and him. I was not examined as a witness at
the Special Commission at Monmouth. I shortly
afterwards gave information to Mr Hopkins the
Superintendant of Police of my having seen the
Prisoner firing at the Westgate. I did not at
any timereduce into writing what I had
seen at the Westgate. It was too deeply impressed on
my mind to forget it, it was almost impossible
to forget it. When I saw the Prisoner in the
Town a week or 10 days ago, I saw the -
Superintendant of Police and told him of my
having seen him & he told me it was his
intention to take him. I was not at all
alarmed at the time. I saw the mob coming



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