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came into my House about 9 o'clock on Monday morning the 4th November to light
her Candle. She said there was a mob
Coming down from the Hills, I was then
lying on my bed. I said to her "don't
don't bother here with your lies its no such
thing" then to shew she was not a
liar she said here they are coming, here
they are coming. I then had [...] on my
smallclothes and my [...]waste coat
I dressed myself as fast as I could
dress myself and went out to see
I did not wait to tie on my Cravat
I looked up and down Stow Street Stow Hill
from Charles Street, I was amazed to see
the Crowd. I could not get up the Bank
to get on the pavement on the opposite
side, I ran down the Hill with the Crowd.
I spoke to a man with a Gun. I aske I said
to him where the deuce are you going

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