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interfere any any more, when I got near Mr
a ball went thro the shutter where
I was standing. Upon the my reading the Papers-
I afterwards was surprised that Mr Frost was so-
near me and I not see him, he must
have been very much disguised or I
must have seen him, or the frustration
of my mind must have prevented my
seeing him - Richd Rorke
Taken before us Octavius Morgan
James Coles
Saml Homfray
Thoms Hawkins</hi>
With respect to the Paper mentioned I know by Etheridge
I know nothing at all about it. I was -
always for supporting morality in the
Association, when I was about absent I
wrote to the Association to keep morality
in view, & not to have any physical force or
any destruction of property
, and if they
heard any one talk physical to turn him
out of the association, that I stood for
principle & begged them not to be denouncing
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