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[Top right hand margin:-] 8 Regina v[ersus] John Rees Thomas Pritchard Fireman of Locomotive Engines
in Messrs Harford's employ says - On Saturday the 2nd
Nov[embe]r I came from Sirhowy to Newport with the Superb
Engine and arrived that evening - On the next day, Sunday,
I heard many reports of the Chartists coming down which I
did not believe - On Monday morning early I got the
Steam up & made ready for the return of the Engine and
left the Wharf about 8 o'clock - the Engineer's name was
Samuel Smith - When we got to the Waterloo, we met some
Hauliers coming back with their Horses who said it was
no use for us to go on as the mob was coming down - We
did not believe it and took to the full Road in order to pass
the trams which had been left on the empty Road - We
went on to the Gaer Pool and there we met the mob coming
down - We immediately backed the Engine and returned to
the Waterloo and waited there till the mob came opposite the
Waterloo- A man walked in front of them dressed in a
Square cut Coat called a Pilot Coat with a pike in one hand
and a light walking stick in the other- It was Jack the
- He turned round to them there held up his Stick and
cried "halt" - the mob immediately halted - the first thing
I saw after that was a man with a dirty blanket Smock
and a Gun and pistol in his hands and a man with a
blue dress coat went into the Waterloo and were there about 3
to 4 Minutes and then both came out again - the Man
with the blanket smock had two Guns and a Pistol when
he came out- He gave one of the Guns to one of the crowd
who had a blue Coat - The first Man I have spoken of
dressed in a blue dress Coat went amongst the Rest - I
believe he had a pike but am not certain - He was armed
with something - Jack the Fifer and the man in the
blanket smock then spoke together a few minutes and
then the latter called out "All you that have Guns come
forward" the mob then formed 6 a breast and a man



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