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the Waterloo & were there about 3 or 4 minutes & then both
came out again - the man with the blanket smock had
two guns and a pistol when he came out- He gave
one of the Guns to one of the crowd who had a blue coat-
[Note left hand margin:- Smith says the Gun was a very long one which the man in the smock had first-]
The first man I have spoken of dressed in blue dress coat went
amongst the rest- I believe he had a pike but am not
certain- he was armed with something - Jack the fifer
& the man in the Blanket smock then spoke together
a few minutes & then the latter go called out "All
you that have guns come forward" the mob then
formed 6 abreast & a man with a gun at each end
making eight as far as the guns would reach-
They then stopped at the Waterloo about 3/4 of an hour
altogether & then marched towards Newport, I think
Jack Rees gave the word then - He & the blanket
smock man were in front.
We waited then until
they all went by- Some toward the middle ordered us
to "come on" we , that is myself & W[illia]m Morris the
Haullier said "we must put the Engine in order first
or it else we should be in danger" - they said "well
look sharp" or some thing like it- The whole crowd
reached from the Court a Bella weighing machine
to the Gaer pool - & many of them told us if we met
any more coming down to tell them we had seen



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