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Samuel Smith Engineer in Messrs Harfords employ
I have heard Thomas Pritchard's statement and I believe
it to be correct, except that I do not think Jack the
had a pilot but a dress cut blue coat, I am
not certain- When I left the Engine at the Waterloo
I came down back to the Yard & told Mr. Moses that
we were stopped, he asked if he should send some men
up to to watch the goods we had in the trams- I said
no we'll try our best to go up - I saw the Landlady
of the house where I lodge - I told her to put away the old
pistol which was hung over the Kitchen Chimney of the house
for that I had seen the Mob take a Gun from the
Waterloo- I then ran back to overtake the Engine &
by the King William I saw Jack the Fifer & the man
in the blanket smock walking down Commercial St[reet] very fast. Jack was the first by about
10 yards, I was talking to some other persons & asking what had
been done- Jack stopped & said "Thank God we have had
one cut at them & knocked down 3 or 4 & they have not hurt
one of us-" The man in the blanket smock then said to him
come on - there were many more running down the Str/e/et
[?]th/is/ time. Jack
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