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he was in front and David Rees
the or David the Tinker was next to him- He
had a Gun and a Horse Pistol
with Brass on the end of it- They
appeared to be leading the Mob
I did hear them say hold and
when then the Pris:r said something
to the Woman at the Turnpike
not above a word and went
back to the Waterloo kept by
Mr. Evans. He was in there
it might be 3 minutes David [Rees]
took one gun & a pistol with him
& came out with 2 Guns and
a Pistol and a man who had
a Spear went up to David [Rees] &
David gave one of his Guns
to the man and the man gave his Spear to another Man.
He went to the Mob & being
frightened & having some things
in Newport I went back after them
& the Engine went on. I afterwards
was standing near the King William in Commercial Street
shortly after when I saw Jack the Fifer returning from the direction



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