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Regina v[ersus] Benjamin Richards
John Cullimore being sworn states. I live at Tredegar
[space] and am a Grocer. I remember the Sunday
before the Riots at Newport it was the 3rd November. I know [margin left]3 Nov[embe]r
the Prisoner Benjamin Richards perfectly well. On that Sunday
about 8 o'clock as I was returning from Sirhowy where
I had been for a walk. I met a group of people from 15 to 20
opposite the Old Rolling Mill,
some were armed with Pikes
and I saw one with a Gun. I saw Benjamin Richards there
with these men, the Prisoner is a Shoemaker - I don't know
for certain where he lives, knowing him to be a Constable
I stopped and spoke to him, I asked him if he knew the Chartists
were coming, he said he did. I said the Soldiers are sent for

and are expected here every minute, he said we shall be glad
to see them, we would Soldier them, he had a stick similar
to those the other men had - but whether it had a Pike
or nail I cannot say, the stick was about 7 feet long,
not very
thick, about the size of the Candlestick, it was bigger than
a Besom Stick. Daniel Gwynne and David Davies were
with me at that time, they ran away supposing I was taken.
I left Benjamin Richards and ran after my companions
I did not know any of the men that were with Benjamin
I only noticed him, I am certain it was Benjamin
the Prisoner at the Bar I saw that night, it was
a wet and dark night x I saw the Prisoner with a
stick in his hand, he said he would be very glad to see the
Soldiers, they would Soldier them.
John Cullimore Jun[io]r

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