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on the left where there are steps going up to it. We went
in there to have a pint of Beer and then I turned out and
I made escape there. I was standing at the back of the
House until it was daylight, then I went on towards Risca
on the main road. I did turn into the New House on the
right hand Duffields they do call it and I called for a
Pint of Beer but there was no Beer in the House and I had
a half nogging of rum and then I did see some people coming
home from Newport and then it came in my head to come
down towards Newport and I came down straight by the
Salutation till I came by the old Bush and there I did
stand and Mrs Jenkins was standing at the door and called
me by my name and I did turn to her and I did not know
her. Don't you know me said she - No indeed says I. Then
she told me she had been living at Tredegar in the Tredegar
, then I did turn in and said since I did meet you
here I will have a pint of Beer with you and I did drink
two pints of Beer there, and by coming out I see Mr. Jenkins
on the door and I did know him directly and he did ask me
how did I come down with the Mob. Mobs
you do call them I did ask him, no I did not come down along
with them said I and went down towards the Bridge and
there I did stop there that night, and I did sleep that night in
the Public House on the left hand by the Bridge. I don't
know its name. The next morning I went my way home
Sir, but I met David Morgans wife above Risca coming
down and he told me to come down along with him to
Newport that David was killed her husband. When we
went down it was Friars Field and there he was lying on
the Table laid out. I believe that the name of the
man was John Hughes the Landlord of it. I [?]... sure
of it, and they begged of me to stop there to try to have
his body up to Tredegar to be buried, there I did stop there
till Thursday evening and we missed to have his body up
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