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between 9 and 10 O'clock. It was a very wet night, there was a great
party down on he upper Tram road, there are two Tram roads, both
meet together. The upper Tram road and Lower Tram road meet at
Mr. Strickland's Machine. I should suppose there was altogether
between 3000 and 4000, they were armed, some with guns,
some with Pikes, some with reap hooks, some with Scythes, some
with Mandrils and some with Clubs, and a great many with no arms
at all. They carried lights, they had plenty of candle with them.
The first time I got sight of the Prisoner was at Stricklands. I did
not see him again until we came down to Pie Corner, it was after
Breakfast time, somewhere near between 8 and 9. I can't say that he
had any thing in his hand. I saw him afterwards in Sir Charles Morgan's
. I saw him there right opposite the Bridge that goes to the old
. I did not notice anything in is hands then, there was several
nigh him there, but they were strangers to me. I know John
, he was in the front, the Prisoner was about 10 men distant from
Frost. The mob halted in the Park. They were coming in the direction
of Newport, some said they were going to pull the workhouse down, some
said they were going to take Newport and I can't wh tell what they
were going to do. It was then broad day light, it was after Breakfast
time. I am perfectly sure that the Prisoner at the Bar was one of the
persons I saw in the Park. I did not see him afterwards. I left
the mob standing in the Park and I went into Mr. Williams's
at the Machine.

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