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The Queen v Richards
I Esther Evans Widow of Hugh Evans
States of my own free will and accord
that I lodged with Benjamin Richards Prichard
and that he is the Head of a Chartist Lodge held
at the Star at Dukes Town Sirhowy kept by Evan Evans alias Yanto Darlwm and that my Daughter
was forced to take 6 Cards (Mary Williams)
and that Benjamin Richards Pritchard said he
would Sacrifice his Body to the ruin
of the place and that he carried letters
every night backward and forward to Frost
and that he went to Newport with
many others the night of the Riot
armed with Spikes and that for three
months she saw Two Sticks with Pikes
up the Chimney and that they used
to assemble at his House to accompany
him to the Lodge and he said if they
were so fortunate as to gain the day
he would take the lives of Mr. Homan
and his family, William Davies, Con
and all the Tories.



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