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On Sunday night 3rd November 1839 William
Carpenter came to tell Mr. Llewellin that the Chartists
had risen, that they were then (about Seven O Clock)
collecting in great numbers at Benjamin -
's[*] House. The Colliers Arms Beer
, opposite his own House- He seemed
greatly alarmed and at a loss what to do
because James and Richard Jones Sawyers
working for him had called about five O'
clock at his House that Evening to ask him
to come to Richardson's to have a card, but
but he refused- They told him they were all going to
Newport, and that all those who staid behind would
be badly off- Harris saw a great number
in and about Richardson's House for a long
time before they started towards Newport

It was pretty well known that Richardson-
was authorised to sell cards, as William Lewis
the Block Layer
s wife was anxious that her
Husband would go and buy a card, thinking
he would be safer by having one- but he refused
to apply for it- It is supposed that Lewis's Wife
can prove the fact of his Richardson's having Cards to sell-
Richardson was looked upon as a great chartist

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