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himself to me "such things are wanted to meet such
like you" If a poor man was to get £5 of goods
of you, you would arrest him immediately unless
he paid you - I then got up from the place where
I was sitting and went upstairs - he said it was
only for them to come down here (to Newport) and
then the Soldiers would give up their arms directly
He wished every person who was willing to come
down to give his name - I said I would never
come - I told them to perfectly understand what
I was saying That I would never go with them the
length of my foot for any such purpose - then I
went down Stair's and went towards home - the
prisoner said about news when we first met
that evening - he said he had, had news that
day - he said he knew himself when they were to
go to Newport - he did not tell us when we was
to go - he said the Soldiers would be frightened
when they all went to Newport at seeing such a
number and that the Soldiers would give up
their arms without trouble - I did not hear him
say what they should do if the Soldiers did not
give up their arms -
[centre right:-] call Jacob Thomas

Lewis Lewis States - I am a Banksman
and live at Gelly daeg in
the parish of Bedwas - I know the prisoner he
lives about half a mile from that to 3/4 of a mile
from me - I know William Smith he keeps
the Angel public house - I believe it is in
Bedwas, it is a Beer house - I remember being
at the Angel on the 1st November it was in the



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