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I did not hear him say anything about
the Charter - I have been at the Meetings
3 or 4 times I dont know when, When
I first went to the Lodge I paid
five pence - I put them on the Table
Lewis Rowlands was there, He asked
me my Name- I then saw him write
something on the little Copy Book, I cant
say what it was - I was at a little
distance from him - I dont know that
there was any Chairman, if there was
I dont know who he was - I remember
Monday the 4 8 November - I remember
seeing the Prisoner on the Road that
night about 10 o'clock, it was about
300 yards from my House, he passed me
his back was towards Newport then
he was coming from Blyn to Maes-y-
, I said to him, well boy
you be come back, he said yes and
off he went - I was thinking he was



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