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[top right hand margin:-] 59 Regina v[ersus] Lewis Rowland
Jacob Thomas - I keep a Shop at Maescwmer-
There was a Chartist Lodge held at the House
of William Smith called the Angel - I
was incessantly applied to by the Chartists
to assist them - Lewis Rowland was
the Secretary of this Co Society - On At
Home time I gave them half a Sovereign
I paid it to Lewis Rowland at one of
the Meetings - Pris[one]r received it and
entered it in a Book - I was at their
Meeting on Thursday before the Riots the
1st November instant - I saw Prisoner
there - He acted as Secretary - making
entries in a Copy book - He was
receiving Money
- Prisoner addressed
those present - He said "I have had
news today - We must all provide
arms" - I asked him "Arms? for what?"
He said "That every one may oppose his
Enemy" - I asked who were our Enemies?
He said - "you and your sort are our Enemies-
if we were to have £5 worth of Goods of you
you would arrest us if we would n[o]t pay" -
I heard Prisoner say that they were to mind
to have Arms even if it ... were only a
Mandrel - I heard him be say that we were
to go to Newport - I asked what for? - He
said to see the come down and take the
Soldiers Guns - that they would give
them up without any trouble" - I
left the meeting - went home - and next
day proceeded to Cardiff - Before I left the
Meeting I heard Pris[one]r say that he would



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