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Reg[in]a v[ersus] Will[ia]m ShellardPontypool

Dominick Lancaster abidin labourer abiding
at the House of W[illia]m Adams of Trosnant in the
Parish of Trevethin Lodging house keeper - states -
I look after D[octo]r Jones's house I also do whatever
other work I can get- About 3 months previous
to Sunday the 3rd November I was sworn in Special
Constable- On that Evening the Constables were
called out at Pontypool - I did not hear of it until
11 O'clock at night - I then went to the Station house
for orders - the door was locked & I could not get
in or see any of the Constables - I walked up
George St[reet] as far as the Canal bridge thinking I
might see some of them but I did not - I turned
bacl & coming down George St[reet] again I observed
the a Shop door of Shellard's Shop wide open -
I looked in - there were 2 candles on the Counter -
I thought it was a strange thing at that time of
night & stopt to watch - In about 5 minutes
Shellard came into the Shop from a back room
followed by two men - Shellard had nothing
in his hand that I could see - the other men had
a gun a piece - One of the Men took a powder



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