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flask out of his pocket & put it on the counter - He
then took a p brown paper parcel out of his pocket
put that on the Counter - He then raised the powder
flask to the muzzle of the Gun & poured in something
out of the powder flask - then lo & rammed it
down - then took 2 little packages something wrapped in paper
out of the parcel (they were about the size of
Cartridges) put them on the Counter - put one into
the gun - rammed it down - examined the Pan &
appeared to prime it from the flask - & then said - "Well, now I am ready". He then
gave the powder flask - & the little packet the other
little packet to the other man who loaded his
gun in the same manner - the last man then
said - "We are all ready now" - I could hear them
laughing very heartily but could not hear any
more of their conversation I was about 3 yards from them - The two men went
back behind the Shop taking their Guns with them
Shellard came to the front door - I remained there
2 or 3 minutes - I retreated into the middle of the
road - He then went in & shut the door after him, & I saw no
more of him - I was out in the Streets of Pontypool
several times that night & saw numbers of people
most of them armed with various kinds of weapons



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