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John Parry a Ruffer down at the Pentwyn & Golynos
Iron works
and living atPontnewynnidd - On
Sunday Evening the 3rd Nov[embe]r last between 8 and 9.
o'clock I was at my Lodgings - John Thomas
known as Jack the Sailor & several others came
into the house - Jack had a long handled spear
& several others had spears
I saw no Gun there -
Jack told me I must go with them - I begged
him to have some victuals - but he sai would
not allow me - he said we have no time we ought
to be there before now -- He & the others made
me go to John L. Llewellyn's Beer house
- After
remaining there about 20 minutes Jack said
we must go down to the ee race course [Pontypool] - the men
obliged him, also there were about 50 men there
Jack[John Thomas] was the Leader - He also ordered them
to bring me along- John Parry
2[n]d Jan[uar]y 1840



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