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Gunshot wound in his thigh. His
name was John Lovell. After
dressing the wound I was leaving
it the House when I observed a Gun standing
by the door in a Corner. I at first
intended to take it but tho[ugh]t it more
prudent not to do so not knowing
who might be in the House I ret[urne]d
I went out to try to get some one to assist
me to take the bullet out without success
a second or third time
I went out 2 or 3 times and returned
pretending to make give some
fresh directions about the Wounded
Man. I saw a Butcher and others,
whom I wanted to go with
me but they refused I afterwards
went myself determined to take
it but it was gone. When I
went into the House after I left
the first time ^ and when I went in afterwards the Prisoner
stood in the Corner before the
Gun to conceal it. He must
have noticed that I observed it.



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