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I knew John Lovell. I always
understood him to be a Chartist.
He appeared wounded and blood
running down his leg. He asked
me for Gods sake to let him come
in to have his wounds dressed
One of the men that came with Lovell
was one [blank space] Thomas and one other by
the name of John ...[? see note*] a
Lath... Grinder I allowed John Lovell
to be brought in & sent up Thomas
for a Surgeon. Mr. Powell came down
& exam[ine]d the wound I saw a Gun
bro[ugh]t into the House when Lovell
was bro[ugh]t in. I understood it was
Lovells Gun. I heard some of the
people who came say so I asked
if it was loaded they said yes. I
told of it & took the charge
out it was loaded with one Ball
& a percussion Cap on which I took
off. The Gun was placed in the corner
by the Door I asked to whom it belonged
as I wanted it removed. It was
taken away by 7 o'clock in the Eve[nin]g.



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