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Moses Scard sworn - sworn says I am a Police Officer of Newport I was on duty on -
Monday the Fourth November at the Westgate Inn in Newport I had been on duty all Sunday
night I remember standing at the Westgate Front Door when a great number of People came
down the Hill armed I should say I saw Four or Five Thousand, I could not see the end
of them. I saw a man with a Wooden Leg amongst the Mob I noticed him in particular
I saw him nearly in Front of the Mob, as they came round the corner here, there was another
along with him, - but I don't know who he was the man with a Wooden Leg was armed with
a Gun he appeared to be very active marching with the rest, I did not see him do anything
in he Mob, he was in front and went towards the Yard Gates so that I could not see what
he did he had got on as I thought a round light Flannel Jacket as I thought it was, a Jim
Crow Hat, it was a black hat, it has a round crown and was the same shape as a Jim Crow
Hat I should know that man again . The prisoner is the man I should swear to him--
amongst a thousand I took particular observation of him at the time . My seeing a Wooden
Legged man with a Gun, I was within Twelve or Fourteen yards from him at one time I was
in front of the Inn Door when the mob came round the corner which is about Fifteen -
yards from the Front door, standing at the front door I could not have seen him before he came
round the corner I saw them come round I was at one time within Twelve yards of him
I watched him for about a minute I made observations of him to persons in the passage
when I saw him the passage was full-
Moses Scard
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