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Henry Kear sworn states - I live near the Salutation [Inn] in Commercial Street in
Newport I remember the Fourth November I was then at home I remember seeing a great -
number of persons going out of Newport that morning it was between nine and ten o'clock -
I can't tell the exact time, some were armed and some were not, I saw amongst those persons -
a man with a Wooden Leg, he had a Gun in one hand, and a Sword or a Stick in the other
I beleive it was a Stick he was dressed in a dirty coloured flannel or Fustian I can't say -
which, I beleive it was a Frock coat thing and came round him something like a frock -
A round crowned Hat I think the boys call it a Jim Crow hat he was coming down
Commercial Street towards Cardiff Road, he was coming in the direction from the Westgate
, he was going in the direction towards Cardiff, that Road leads to Risca and the
, I think I should know that man again if I saw him in the same dress. He was a
man I should suppose to be Forty years of Age dirty looking, and dirty in the Face, I
suppose Five feet high, I have not seen that man since, I see a man here like him I should
not like to swear to him punctually, I beleive the prisoner is the man I have no doubt that
he is the man, he is not now in the same dress, if he was I should better know him, he may
be more than Five feet he was walking rather stooping and Lame with his Gun in one -
hand when I saw the prisoner I was Two or Three yards from him, it was opposite the New
Church [Catholic Church Stow Hill]
I think I took more particular notice of him than any other person I saw going
away Marking him with a Wooden Leg I paid more attention to him I may safely
say he was a minute or a minute and a half in my sight he made a stand and -
stooped down as if to pick up something he was not more than Three or Four yards from
me when he did that, and looking at him now indeed I have no doubt that he is the
Henry Kear
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