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Reg[ina] v[ersus] George Turner
commonly called George
One leg

Thomas Hopkins Son of Edwd
Hopkins Superintendent of Police

lives at ^ Stow Hill Newport was waiting
to see the mob that were expected
coming down the Hill. It
was at about 1/2 p[ast] 8 in the Morn[in]g
^of Monday 4 Nov Inst When I saw them Coming I ran
down to my Father who was
on duty at the Westgate I did
not see my Father but told
some of the Spec[ia]l Constables
at the Door of it. I then
went across by Mr Clements
the Druggists corner of
Bains Well
. I saw the Mob
come down in front of the
Westgate ^ they went to the Yard Gates and then gates and then -- Turned round and
fired into the House. I saw
a man with a Fustian Coat
& Trousers with Black Whiskers
with a Gun in his hand
whom I took to be a Carpenter
from his dress. I heard the Man
say something & they [?]rushed
from the middle part at
the Front Door of the Westgate



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