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Charles Rogers Chemist and Druggist abiding at
the house of his father William Rogers of the Town of Caerleon in
the County of Monmouth Linen Draper and Maltster states

On Monday the 4th November , the day of the Riot at Newport,
about 1/2 past 10 or 11 o'Clock in the morning I saw the Prisoner -
Samuel Etheridge at his house - I was then in company with Walter
and Thomas Gunter - the Prisoner said to me they were
going on very comfortably and that they (meaning the mob) would
be in possession of the Town of Newport in half an hour
- he said
they (the Mob) was gone to a certain place and afterwards added
that they were gone to pull Lewis Edwards's house down - Prisoner
also stated, to the best of my recollection, that they intended taking
Mr Phillips the Mayor Prisoner and retaining him as a Hostage
till Vincent and others were liberated
- he also said that Newport
would be burnt down before the following morning, he would
venture his life -
Prisoner pointed towards a great number of men
standing in a Quarry near and said they were waiting for another
party to come down before they entered the town of Newport -
____________________________________call Charles Rogers

Walter Williams States : I reside at
Caerleon I am a Currier - I was in Newport on
Monday the 4th November in the morning - I
know the prisoner Samuel Etheridge I was at
his house that morning about half past 9 10 or
from that to 10 11 in the forenoon - Charles Rogers
of Newport and Thomas Gunter of Caerleon were
with me - before I started from Caerleon I had
heard firing in the direction of Newport - there




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