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[in pencil]

William Morgan of the Parish of Saint Woollos in
the Borough of Newport
Druggist States - I was a Special Constable
on the Monday the 4th November I saw Samuel Etheridge coming down
High Street in the direction of the Westgate Inn and pass my hous
I was in the Street - I am sure it was Etheridge I have been acquainted
with him about 20 years or more - when Etheridge passed me it was
about half past 8 in the morning - About 10 minutes or a quarter
of an hour after, I saw a great many men come down Stow Hill
and turn the corner round to the front of the Westgate - the mob
appeared to have pikes in their hands - I noticed Etheridge go
about 50 yards from me when he went down High Street but
I cant say whether he joined the mob or not, as I went into my
house - In about 10 minutes or a quarter of an hour after Etheridge
passed me the firing commenced at the Westgate
. -

Witness Edwd Merrick ____________(signed)Wm Morgan



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