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Joseph Adye States : I am a Special
Constable for the Borough of Newport - I live at
Pillgwenlly - On Friday the 15th Novr last I
searched the prisoner Samuel Etheridge's house -
I found various manuscripts Vindicators and other
- I kept these in my own charge - on Friday
night I gave them to Mr. Birch they were not then
out of my sight - on Monday night I gave them
to Mr. Phelps - the papers I so delivered to Mr
were the same that I found at the prisoners
house - call.
______________________________Joseph Adye

William Trueman Harford Phelps States :
I received the papers now produced from the last
witness Joseph Adye - they have not since been
out of my possession ever since - I produce a
paper which I found amongst those delivered me
by Joseph Adye - it is marked A - I also found
a Letter amongst the papers signed " W. H. Townsend
for Vincent & Co. " it is marked B - I also found
a Letter signed Morgan Morgan Williams, Honarary
Secretary, with the post mark "Merthyr Tydville A P.
25" meaning April 25th 1839 addressed to Mr.
Newport Monmouthshire - I also found
8 cards Newport Working Men's Association numbered
57, 104, 133, 169, 200, 215, 261 & 239 - they
appear to have the names of different persons written
upon them with numbers and dates - they are marked
D. E. F. G.H. I. J. & K. - upon the back of number
215 there appears an account amounting to 13/5
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