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Samuel Etheridge's Defence.

Samuel Etheridge the prisoner being called upon
_____________ for his defence and duly cautioned
voluntarily states: My being in the Town that
morning may have caused people to suppose that I
knew of their coming, the Chartists, I came to Town
between 8 and 9 o'clock for the purpose of consulting
Mrs Dickenson about the time that she or her daughter
would go to Monmouth - the crowd between Mr Webbers
and Mr Lloyd's Shop was so great - I did not see
any of the Chartists coming down Stow Hill nor did
I look in that direction. I found all the Doors and
Shutters shut. I went to Mrs Dickenson's, knocked
at the door and she came to me - while speaking
with Mrs Dickenson's the armed mob came in front
of the Westgate. She asked me to come in I refused
saying I would go home immediately, before I had
left the door one minute, I should think not a minute
the mob had made an entry with into the Westgate and
firing commenced immediately I passed the front of
the Westgate and turned down Skinner St with Mr
. I then walked slowly towards home passing
up the Carpenters Arms Lane. I stood at Nappers
perhaps a minute or two, I saw a man having
the appearance of a Carpenter holding his arm from
which blood was running. I then made towards
home - What that young Lady said with regard
to my shaking hands with some person is true. I
don't know who it was, but he said he was glad to
see I was not amongst them. Had I known the
intention of the mob or had I known the mob had
been coming I should not have come to Town - I met




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