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my daughter on the Bridge coming to seek for me
in going home several persons passed me and said
the mob was running away, others said there was
more a coming - I went home and remained at
home until the afternoon as far as I recollect. The
persons who passed my house appeared to be very
much alarmed and pointed out to me & those at our
house persons up in the Lane above the Turnpike and
in Ty - la- cwm [?] field - I have nothing more to say
with regard to my being in Town. The next I begin
with is the paper that was read - the paper is not
in my hand writing. I mean the paper about forming
Sections and so on - would you wish to know how
I came possessed of that paper. Had I known I
would employ an Attorney - I don't consider any of
those things are evidence against me - the papers
relating to the Sections was put into my possession
by a person not now in Newport - there are other papers
connected with it I believe to be in that handkerchief
in the same hand writing giving an account of
the Rebellion in Ireland in the year 1798 and that
paper you have read connected with the others gives
an account of the size and progress of the Rebellion
in Ireland which was intended at one time to have
been published. I have no knowledge of its having
anything whatever to do with the late movement. I
have no need to say more on that head I believe. I
have had it in my possession 12 months I should
think before I had anything to do with the Chartists
I will take Morgan Williams' Letters next. the reason
why that Letter was directed to me was my being
Secretary to the Association in this Town which I was
from January last down to June that accounts for the
letter being directed to me - Next the cards - they




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