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not in my handwriting not all of them they are filled
up for up for persons that did not receive them that is
all, it was that Mr Hawkins was Secretary - I think
the Song was sent me to get printed which I did not
have done - the petition I was employed to copy from
the first, that was in the possession of the association
that was drawn up by a Schoolmaster in Newport
I don't know who I was to have been paid for
writing petitions - that was written for Mr Edwards who
in consequence of my upbraiding him for his violent
language did not afterwards take it from me - Walter
a Witness called he have stated that I
should say the Chartists would have Newport in half
an hour. I had left Newport then more than half
an hour and the Chartists had gone away in all
directions I had been told. With regard to what Mr
said that I had pointed out the place on the
old road and that more was coming, I only repeated
to him what others had shown to me and told me
that's all with regard to that evidence. I have
admitted being Secretary for 6 months, since the
latter end of June or beginning of July, I have not
written acted or done any thing whatever connected
with the Chartists - I have attended the room three
times I believe - I did not hear or see any thing
that could lead me to think such a movement
would have been made and when told of it on
Sunday night I treated it as a hoax, went home
to Bed as usual calling at the Turn pike first and
asking him what he thought of it whether he thought
there was any cause of alarm - about 2 o'clock in
the morning I was alarmed by the Dog and soon
after a person called me by my name, I lighted
a candle and came down, on opening the Door seven




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