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the opposite side of the River who were in a Quarry
and said they were waiting for another body of men
to come down before they entered the Town. Etheridge
was come out of his [?] inn Standing on his door when
he said this. ______________Charles Rogers.
[the above lines are
struck through \ \ \ \ \ ]

__________5 6 ____________

Joseph Adye Sworn States : I am a Special
Constable for the Borough of Newport.
I live at Pillgwenlly. On Friday last the 15th inst.
I searched the prisoner Samuel Etheridges House.
I found various manuscripts Vindicators and other
papers. I kept them in my own charge. On
Friday night I gave them to Mr Birch, they were
not then out of my sight. on Monday night last
I gave them to Mr Phelps - the papers I so delivered
to Mr Phelps were the same that I found at the
prisoner's house.____________Joseph Adye

_________6 7 _________
William Trueman Harford Phelps Sworn States
I received the papers now produced from the last
witness Joseph Adye yesterday evening ~ they have
not since been out of my possession ~ I produce
a paper which I found amongst those delivered
me by Joseph Adye ~ it is marked A - I also found
a Letter amongst the papers signed "Mr. H Townsend
for Vincent & Co." it is marked B. I also found
a Letter signed Morgan Williams Honorary Secretary
with the post mark "Merthyr Tydville A. P. 25~




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