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meaning April 25 th 1839- addressed to Mr. Etheridge
Newport Monmouthshire. I also found 8 cards Newport
Working Mens Association - numbered 57, 104, 133,
169, 200, 215, 261 & 239 ~ they appear to have
the names of different persons written upon them
with numbers and dates - they are marked
D. E. F. G. H. I. J. & K. Upon the back of number
215 there appears an account amounting to 13s/5d
commencing with page 1 having a reference to some
Book to number 14 inclusive ~ I also found a
Manuscript Song which I now produce, it is marked
L. I also found a paper appearing to be a petition
to the House of Commons which is marked M.
____________________________W. T. H. Phelps


Walter Williams Sworn Says. I reside at
____________Caerleon ~ I am a Currier ~ I
was in Newport on Monday the 4 th Novr last in the
morning ~ I know the prisoner Saml Etheridge
I was at his house that morning about half past
9 or from that to 10 in the forenoon ~ Charles Rogers
of Newport and Thomas Gunter of Caerleon were with
me - before I started from Caerleon I had heard
firing in the direction of Newport - there was some
conversation between Gunter and the prisoner but
I can't say what it was ~ the prisoner said he
had been in the Square of the Westgate that
morning ~ he said he thought Newport would be
all their own in half an hour ~ he did not say
how they were to take Newport - he pointed to some
men that were standing in groups at a Quarry the




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