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Newport ~ I saw the prisoner that morning - I
asked him how the row got on and I began
to enquire what mischief the Chartists had done
or something of that sort. I asked him if the
Chartists had been beaten, he said they were
not ~ I asked him what they were doing there if
they were not beaten - there was a lot of people
standing by an old Road near a quarry, he
pointed in the direction were the men were ~ he said
those people was waiting for another party to come
down he said they was determined to put Newport
on fire that night ~ I heard him say that a party
of them was gone up to pull Mr Lewis Edwards'
down ~ I was there about 10 minutes or a
quarter of an hour ~ I did not see anything of him
after that day. _____ The mark X of
__________________Thomas Gunter.

Emily Horne Sworn States: I live at the
__________ King's Head at Newport. I know
the prisoner at the Bar Samuel Etheridge. I was
in Newport on Monday the 4th Novr in the morning
I saw the prisoner that morning ~ I saw him
opposite the King's Head Inn ~ he was passing ~
I saw him come down towards the Westgate a little
below Mr Nappers and return again, it was then
about 9 o'clock ~ I heard firing at that time ~ I
saw some person cross the Road opposite Mr Wm
and shake hands with him, he appeared
in very good spirits, they were both of them laughing
I know where the prisoner lives ~ I should say it
was rather more than half a mile from the Town -
he returned back almost immediately after I saw




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