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Copy of Paper found in Samuel Etheridge's House
Let us form into sections by cho[o]sing a good sta[u]nch [sp. blank ] Brother at the
head of each section that is to say each section to be composed of 10 men who is
known to him to be sincere so that the head of each section will know his men
then 5 sections will compose 55 men with officers then those 5 officers such as
Corporals will cho[o]se a head officer so that he may give his 5 officers notice & those
50 men is to be called a bye name then these 50 will compose a Company and the
three officers will cho[o]se a further person to command the 155 in a Company officers an
all such as a Captain then the three Companies will compose 495 men & officers
which officer will be such as a Brigade General & three brigades will cho[o]se
a chief which will be 1485 men & officers which chief officer is to be in the stile [sic]of
a conventional general so by those means the signall [?]of war can be given in two
hours notice within 7 miles by the head noticing every officer under him till it
comes to the Deacons or Corporals to notice his 10 men the officers to have by name
not a military name to prevent the Law -



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